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How is Virtua Primary Care Telehealth different from traditional in-office primary care?
At Virtua, we know that life can get pretty busy. This service is designed for people who prefer the convenience of seeing their primary care physician virtually. But even though this experience primarily takes place online, you'll still receive the same level of care you’ve come to expect from Virtua. Patients in this practice will have access to the latest technology at Virtua. And since we are powered by MyChart, you'll enjoy a seamless, holistic digital health care experience. Plus, you can always visit one of our two office locations if needed. And curbside testing is also available for patients who need further testing.

Why would I choose Virtua Primary Care Telehealth over an in-person visit?
If you have a busy schedule and need increased access to appointment availability and the flexibility to conduct visits during lunch breaks and on the go, we're the practice for you. Here, you'll benefit from a digitally engaged, highly responsive, and qualified team of physicians.

Can I use this service if I cannot get an appointment with the primary care provider I typically see?
Virtua Primary Care Telehealth is for people who want to establish an ongoing relationship with a primary care physician and our dedicated care team. When switching to our telehealth practice, you will have to connect with your health insurance company to notify them of the change in primary care provider.

How should I prepare for my telehealth appointment?
Just be sure to have a device ready with a stable internet connection. It also helps to have your recent height, weight, blood pressure, blood sugar readings, and list of current medications. For more tips to prepare for your telehealth appointment, click here.

Can I still make an in-person appointment?
Absolutely! In-person appointments are available at our Voorhees at 1605 Evesham Road and Washington Township Primary Care locations. We ask that you come in person at least one time each year for your annual preventive physical exam.

Will my insurance cover Virtua Primary Care Telehealth?
Virtua Primary Care Telehealth is covered by most insurance companies, but we encourage you to check with your insurance provider to confirm. The billing process is similar to a visit with an in-person practice.  

Can I get prescriptions via Primary Care Telehealth?
Of course! Our primary care providers can start established patients on new medications as clinically necessary. You can also use your secure patient portal in MyChart to request prescription refills from your provider.

How can the doctor properly examine me without doing a physical exam?
You'd be surprised at how much of the physical examination can be performed during a video telehealth visit. If the physician needs to listen to your lungs or look in your ears, they'll schedule an in-person office visit unless you have special tools available to use at home.

So, to be clear, this isn't urgent care?
It is not – it is primary care! Here, you can schedule wellness visits, get treated for chronic conditions, explore preventative care, receive necessary referrals, and so much more.

Health care should be easy. Now it can be.

Here is what you can expect when you book an appointment with the Virtua Primary Care Telehealth team:


Choose Your Doc

To set up an appointment, all you have to do is choose a Virtua primary care physician, find a time that works for you, and complete pre-appointment patient forms. It's that easy!


Appointment Prep

A few minutes before your appointment, be sure to log in early to test and set up your connection. We also recommend preparing questions or health goals you want to discuss with your physician.


Access Your Records

Following your appointment, you can access all of your health information via MyChart. But that's not all! You can follow up with your care team, pay your bills, schedule your next appointment, and more!


Feeling your best starts here.

Here's how we can help connect you to your healthiest self:

Preventive care: For ages 16 and up, our goal is to help you feel your best. That means offering you the right screenings (including PAP tests), routine care, and treatments to keep you feeling happy and healthy.

Chronic conditions: From diabetes to high blood pressure and other chronic conditions that creep up with age (as early as your 20s and 30s), we provide expert care to help improve and manage your symptoms.

Care with time in mind: We're here for when life happens. We provide care for minor illnesses, injuries, that unexpected rash, UTIs, and an onsite lab with curbside service to fast-track testing while you're on the go.

Telehealth done right: Our physicians are experienced telehealth providers who know how to help you get the most from your appointments. Plus, they have the connections to get you referrals to specialists who keep the same "telehealth-first" philosophy whenever possible.

Meet Dr. Angela Skrzynski, primary care physician.

Dr. Skrzynski recently sat down with our friends from 97.5 The Fanatic to talk about the benefits of Virtua Primary Care Telehealth.


Virtua Primary Care Telehealth

A practice that puts your health in your hands.

Virtua Primary Care Telehealth is a digital-first primary care practice. With a device that has video and internet access, you can easily connect with an experienced, board-certified physician at home or on the go. Our primary care physicians are focused on establishing a long-term relationship with you and guiding you through your health care journey.

In many ways, Virtua Primary Care Telehealth is just like an in-person primary care visit. You can visit when you're sick, schedule an annual check-up, refill prescriptions, and so much more.