Minus joint pain, what would you be doing?

Maybe it's aiming down the flagstick on the 15th hole? Or going for a walk around the neighborhood? Or perhaps it's having the confidence to carry the groceries in without pain? The point is, our goal is to get you back to feeling like your best self again.

Feeling Hip

You’d love to twist and shout, but your hip is saying “not today.” And let’s be honest, that can be incredibly frustrating. If you've been experiencing lingering hip pain, it might be time to connect with our team.

Knee Deep

Our knees allow us to walk, run, jump, squat and other necessary activities. But that wear and tear can make injuries common. From proven techniques to innovative procedures – we’ll get you back on your feet again.

We’ve Got a Doc for That!

Dealing with more than hip or knee pain? With clinical practices and surgery centers located throughout South Jersey, the care you need is right in your backyard!

The future of joint replacement surgery is here…

Technological advancements like augmented reality, minimally invasive surgical procedures, paired with more accurate artificial components, empower us to install implants that last longer, perform better, and help you feel like yourself again.

Bobby is back on stage, rocking his new hip!

If you've ever seen Bobby J. perform live, having hip arthritis just won't do. But thanks to minimally invasive, augmented reality hip surgery—a new technology that empowers us to see, focus, and treat bones and joints like never before—Bobby is back to his old self!


Virtua Orthopedics & Spine

I had the hip replacement of the future. I walked out the same day!-Bobby J.

At Virtua Health, you’ll find the most advanced, minimally invasive hip and knee treatment options performed by a team of highly trained surgeons right here in South Jersey.