It’s time to schedule your colonoscopy.

If you’ve ever created a mixtape of your favorite songs, chances are it’s time for a colonoscopy!

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A colonoscopy is
the best way to prevent colon cancer.

Pre-cancerous polyps can be removed during the screening, BEFORE they develop into cancer. While there are other colon cancer screening methods, a colonoscopy allows your doctor to examine the entire colon for signs of cancer and remove polyps in one procedure.

Who Should Have A Colonoscopy?

  • Everyone age 45 and older
  • Anyone with a family history of cancer, especially colorectal cancer
  • Anyone having frequent diarrhea, constipation, or blood in their stool


Why Choose Virtua For Your Colonoscopy?

  • An experienced gastroenterologist or colorectal surgeon will perform your colonoscopy
  • Convenient outpatient locations in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Atlantic counties
  • Fast-track scheduling allows you to skip the office appointment if you’re over 45 and healthy

COVID-19 Precautions

If you are fully vaccinated, you’re required to show proof of vaccination prior to your colonoscopy.

If you are not vaccinated, you’ll need to complete a COVID-19 test four days prior to your colonoscopy. Our team will assist you with scheduling.

Virtua Health is committed to keeping you protected and safe at all in-person visits.

Learn more about our safety precautions.