Here’s what you can expect from Virtua Advanced Transplant & Organ Health:


Designed for South Jersey

We're the only health system in South Jersey that provides comprehensive care through every stage of organ health care. That means no trips across the bridge or managing multiple appointments — just an easier experience, period.


With You From the Start

If you've been diagnosed with organ disease, we know it can be overwhelming. But please know, we’re here for you every step of the way. Our treatment plans are designed to minimize symptoms, slow disease progression, and ultimately improve your quality of life.


Transplants Made Easier

Simply put: we do everything we can to get you the organ transplant you need. With advanced treatment options, our providers have the surgical expertise to transplant organs that other health systems are not capable of using. It also means that we can perform complex transplants for patients that would otherwise be determined ineligible.

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“They were more than my transplant team. They were my biggest fans.”

After more than two years of exhausting three-times-a-week dialysis treatments, Pastor Gatling received a life-saving kidney transplant three days before his 54th birthday. But receiving a new organ wasn't the end – it was the beginning.


Virtua Advanced Transplant & Organ Health

Complete organ care for your kidneys, liver, and pancreas. That’s here for good.

Virtua has been providing nationally recognized, life-changing organ care for over 45 years. Whether you're in the early stages of organ disease or beginning the transplant process, we are here for you. Featuring a team of specialists, surgeons, and dedicated navigators, we collaborate to deliver the exceptional kidney, pancreas, and liver care you need.