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This is going to be our realest year yet! Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming events coming later on this year. Registration opens two weeks prior to each event. We can't wait to see you there!
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Knock, knock – it’s your doorknob questions!

September 2024

Ladies, do you have questions that you constantly think about during your doctor’s visit but are too afraid to ask until your hand is on the doorknob? We’ve all been there! Our experts will address concerns most heard in their practices and will answer any of your burning questions – especially the ones you’re most afraid or embarrassed to ask!

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Laugh your way to good health.

November 2024

There’s no prescription in the pharmacy for this, but joy and laughter can be the best “medicine” to lift your mood when you’re feeling down. Our experts will help you learn how to create moments of joy, recognize the gifts in your life (even when it’s tough), and provide real-time solutions for quick stress relief. We’ll also help you recognize when feeling blue is more serious and how to seek help.

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Real Talk! Women's Health Chats:

Ready to get real?

Let’s be real with one another. Our plates are usually full – and making time for your health is often under a lot of those layers! Meet Real Talk! Women's Health Chats— it’s live and unapologetically unfiltered, featuring the real us discussing topics that matter most to you.

From mental health to sexual wellness and everything in between — this series is about navigating issues to improve your physical and emotional health.

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