Let's make knee pain a thing of the past.

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Look, we get that knee pain isn't fun. Chances are, it's getting in the way of enjoying the little things in life. But today is the first step in feeling like your best self again.

For issues big or small — from nagging aches to maybe something more serious — our team is devoted to getting you back on your feet, literally and figuratively.

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Minus knee pain, what would you be doing?

Maybe it's crossing the finish line at the next 5K? Maybe it's dancing around the house with the speakers turned to 11? Or perhaps it's a simple walk around the neighborhood?

The point is, your pain should never hold you back from doing the things you love. Get started by requesting a consultation with a knee specialist at Virtua Orthopedics & Spine. Let’s get there, together.
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Stories of success

Dr. Antoinette Lloyd, a therapist and social worker, began noticing some swelling and pain in her knee. But when her symptoms worsened to the point where she was having trouble sleeping, walking up stairs, and other routine activities – she knew it was time to see a knee specialist.

Check out Dr. Antoinette Lloyd’s story and learn how we helped her get back to feeling like her best self again.