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With a team of more than 100 cardiac experts, Virtua provides comprehensive cardiac care, from medical cardiology to interventional procedures to advanced cardiac surgery. And, we're in the community, helping protect the hearts and lives of our neighbors through wellness and prevention programs.

We are also proud to provide our community with information and resources on how to live a healthier, heart-friendly lifestyle. Below please find additional resources to help you achieve a healthy heart.
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HeartTalk Magazine

HeartTalk magazine helps you stay well with the latest expert advice on preventing and managing cardiovascular disease, focusing on living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

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How Bob Went From a Heart Transplant to the Transplant Games

Heart transplant survivor Bob Goodman competed in the Transplant Games of America, a multi-sport event produced by the Transplant Life Foundation for individuals who have undergone life-saving transplant surgeries.

I went from having end-stage heart disease to competing in the Transplant Games, and I have my Virtua doctors, surgeons, and cardiac rehab professionals to thank for it.